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                     Chilean Agriculture and Livestock Dept (SAG)

Please be advised that the Chilean Agriculture and LivestockDepartment (SAG),has detected the insect HALYOMORPHA HALYS in some import shipments.
       As a consequence, the Chilean Government has decreed a phytosanitary emergency provision
requiring that all shipments of second-hand goods coming from the United States, China, Korea,
Japan and Taiwan
must have an original phytosanitary treatment certificate (applied at origin),
which must be presented to an SAG Inspector at the Chilean port of entry.

The certificate must contain the following information:

1. Name of the company that performed the treatment
2. Name and address of the exporting company
3. Date at which the treatment was carried out, with a maximum of 5 days prior to loading.
4. Information of the treated article; type of product and amount/quantity
5. Treatment to which it was subject to, indicating the product applied, dose, minimum
temperature of the process and exposure time

     Any shipment which fails to meet these requirements, or is found to contain pests, may be
rejected by the Chilean authorities and returned to origin at the merchant’s cost and risk.